Our story begins in 1953 when Martin Lassiter opened the doors to Martin’s Downtown for the first time on the corner of Silas Brown and State Street in Jackson, MS. It started out simple with a small grill and only serving breakfast and lunch.


In 1973, Martin’s Downtown moved into the old Anthony’s Steak House location, on State Street, and within four months our doors were opened as a bar serving beer only and brown-bagged the liquor. But we weren’t one of your typical late-night bars seeing as we closed at 8:30 pm! In 1976, Calvin Stodghill became a regular visitor and a really good friend of Martin Lassiter. Martin’s Downtown eventually acquired a liquor license and became a full-service bar in 1977.


In 1984, Martin’s Downtown made one last move and relocated to our current location at 214 South State Street. Shortly after the move Martin Lassiter became ill and needed to sell his beloved restaurant and bar. It was important to Martin that the place continued to grow and stay within the “family,” so Calvin Stodghill purchased Martin’s Downtown in 1997.


Since then, Martin and Calvin’s legacy has lived on, and Martin’s Downtown is a staple of the Jackson community. Although renovations and changes have occurred over the years; Joseph Stodghill, Calvin’s son, now owns the restaurant and music venue, we’re still your neighborhood hangout. With daily blue-plate specials, nightly drink specials and live music multiple times a week, we can’t think of a reason you shouldn’t pay us a visit!